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Feverfew  in my garden this morning.


    Feverfew  in my garden this morning.

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    Miss Point Alice Through the Looking Glass

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  • I’m about to go HAM

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    i wanna KISS YOU and you’re NOT HERE

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  • what's your favourite piece of artwork?



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    HORNS - Official Trailer (2014)


    Been nursing a Joe Hill crush since I read Locke and Key. This looks great. So fun and insane. 

    Yeeeeeeah, looking forward to seeing how they adapt this. Cool trailer. 

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    during the war, someone comes back from the mail truck with, like, a bucketful of fan letters for captain america

    the howling commandos all jibe him, bucky complaining loudly about how there’s nothing for him, not even a stray love letter or two?? (but of course he’s proud as hell for his boy)

    at first steve is overwhelmed, but then he gets super serious about it, reading every one and sitting at the table where they plan raids on hydra bases and drafting letters back:

    Dear Suzie,

    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful letter. It is a great honor for myself and my men to be featured in your prayers for a safe return. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to meet your brother, Sgt. Donovan. I have not met any man from the 58th infantry, but I hear that they are good, brave soldiers …

    then phillips finds out and he’s like, of course we can’t send those out, it would compromise our position, or do you not understand the concept of a super secret mission

    and steve just kind of looks sad in that kicked puppy way and peggy is so touched she gathers up all the letters he’s written and tells him she’ll find a way, every one of these kids is going to get their letter from captain america come hell or high water

    (70-odd years later, suzie donovan, married name suzie moore donates a carefully-preserved letter to the smithsonian exhibit on captain america

    it’s encased under glass, next to letters from three other children. the panel reads: steve rogers, a good soldier, a good man

    steve sees this the first time he comes to the exhibit, spends twenty minutes reading his own painstakingly tidy handwriting in each word of each letter and thinks, oh peggy)


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so many puppies


    so many puppies